Zhineng Qigong retreat;
Xi and Sun
27 july - 08 august 2023

In residential in the mountains of Italy at 1h30 from Nice airport.

An essential holistic approach to improving physical and mental health

You are not alone in your desire to achieve well-being and happiness on life’s journey.

Wu Yuan Zhuang
3rd method

A healthy life is not just about what you eat, what you drink, what medicines and health methods you use, and health is not simply the absence of disease or infirmity.

The main objective of this course is to share the key to physical and mental health through the practice of Wu Yuan Zhuang.

You will learn to base what you see, hear, think and feel in your life on the practice of Wu Yuan Zhuang.

You will have a complete and structured learning of the management of stress and emotions.

Wu Yuan Zhuang is the third dynamic level of Zhineng Qigong and is an intermediate level of Zhineng Qigong. It puts into practice the theory of the ancient methods of expansion – concentration of the various planes of the body of Qi, including the secret part of sounds (mantras) and symbols (mudras) as well as forms (movements).

The focus is on intention and the induction of Qi into the depths of Hunyuan Palace so that the physical and mental abilities of practitioners can be brought to a higher plane in a holistic way.

The five internal organs are not easily accessible to consciousness. On the one hand because they are inside the body (therefore not visible) and on the other hand because they are influenced by emotions and not by a conscious state.

In order to actively and consciously strengthen their functions, Wu Yuan Zhuang uses:

  • specific movements to act on the associated meridian
  • mudras connecting each organ to its correspondence at the level of the hands and fingers
  • sounds (mantras)
  • states of consciousness and visualizations related to impacting emotions

It is Body, Speech and Spirit Tantra.

This retreat will aim to strengthen the functions of the spleen-pancreas to transport nourishing Qi and to regulate – harmonize the other internal organs to create a stable and equanimous emotional state.


the depressive states disappear and the illnesses dissipate.

Open to all without prerequisites.

What to expect?


Through movement, breath, thought and sound, strengthen the expansion - concentration (the opening - closing), and the fusion of the Pure Qi of the five organs in order to create the real bases for the opening of the subtle channels.


By the opening-closing of the pure Qi of the organs, strengthen the fusion-transformation (hunhua) between the Hunyuan qi of the body and that of the five organs, so that the Hunyuan Qi returns to the central depths and nourishes the body and the mind.


Merge body and Consciousness with the pure Hunyuan Ling Qi of Nature and the Universe.


Strengthen the ability of emotions to control (master) the Qi of the organs and accelerate the process of emotional transformation, to achieve a state of "peace of mind and Qi".


  • Recommended arrival in Bajardo on Wednesday July 26, 2023

Carpooling and shuttles will be organized from Nice airport and Ventimiglia train station. Thank you for informing us before July 1st of your transport needs or your possibilities of welcoming other participants.

7:30 p.m.: dinner

From Thursday 27 to Tuesday 8 August:

  • 7am-8am: morning practice
  • 8h-9h30: breakfast
  • 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.: lessons and practice
  • 12:30 p.m.-4 p.m.: lunch and free time
  • 4 p.m.-7 p.m.: lessons and practice
  • 7:30 p.m.: dinner

Evening of August 8: closing dinner and festive evening

  • Departure of the retreat on Wednesday August 9 after breakfast
The whole retreat will be offered live in ENGLISH – ITALIAN – SPANISH – FRENCH.

The place

Transport will be organized from Nice airport. Make the request if needed (once you've register).


A place of retreat bathed in joy and tranquility for outdoor practices, in the shade of the cherry trees. At night, admire the celestial vault in all its splendour.
Accommodation is provided in double rooms (separate beds). We can guarantee 34 places. (the 1st registered will have a room with a sea view balcony!) Beyond this number, we will offer you rooms in the village (less than 10 minutes walk from the Allegria). Register in advance to guarantee your accommodation because summer accommodation is popular!


1h30 by car from Nice airport, a picturesque village, a former place of druidic worship, strewn on top of a hill between sea and mountain, nicknamed "little Tibet". Although the village is 1000 meters above sea level, hiking trails take you from 300 to 1600 meters! take suitable shoes! (click on the photo to see the location on Google maps)


We are 30 minutes from the beaches of Sanremo! Take your bathing suits! Bike rides by the sea are easily possible!


The restaurants of the village will enhance our retreat with high quality local gastronomy. Vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free options are provided.


“At Professor Xi's last internship, I arrived on crutches. I had to have knee surgery a few months later. On the last night of the retreat, I danced the night away and never went back to see the surgeon again.”
Caro, 37 years old
“In 2019, I participated in a retreat with Professor Xi. Within three days, I had regained my sleep and no longer needed to take my pain medication. I continue to practice and I have curbed my pathology."
Marie-Christine, 67 years old

Est-ce que je vais y arriver?

7 heures de pratique par jour, est-ce que je vais y arriver? Est-ce que ce n’est pas trop?

Oui, cette retraite est ouverte à tous et bien que ce sera intense, tous les participants seront portés par l’extraodinaire champ de Qi qui nous permettra de pratiquer à un haut niveau, même pour les débutants et pour les personnes en situation de santé fragile.

I have never practiced Qigong!

Whether you are experienced or a total beginner, you are welcome. The detailed theory will be given so that everyone can understand the depth of the practices.The teaching will be progressive in order to allow everyone to immerse themselves day after day in the subtleties of Zhineng Qigong.

Do you have another question?

Please contact me by whatsapp (00336 0765 3565) and we will discuss it. I am here to help you spend this retirement in the best possible conditions. This retreat should be the big turning point in your life.

A life of full physical and moral health is within your reach!


Rates include:

  • the theoretical teachings and practices of Zhineng Qigong for seven hours a day
  • supervision by professors Xi and Sun and answers to personal questions
  • simultaneous translation into French, Italian or Spanish
  • accommodation in a double room for the first 34 registered. Beyond that, we will offer you rooms in the village which may require a fixed addition.
  • meals: breakfasts at the Allegria, lunches and dinners in one of the restaurants in the village (3R: 3 meals per day offered / 2R: breakfast and lunch offered).
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free options are provided.
It would be a shame not to take advantage of the friendly atmosphere of the group during meals and break times, but it is still possible to participate in the retreat under these conditions. In this case, after registering, contact Nadège to find out the terms and conditions. The price will then of course be adapted.

  • Full price (thirteen days of retreat)
    3R: 26/07 – 09/08: 2370€
    2R: 26/07 – 09/08: 2160€
  • Light price (six days + morning practice of the 7th day)
    3R: 26/07 – 02/08: 1185€
    2R: 26/07 – 02/08: 1080€

Take advantage of €300 off the full price (and €150 on the light price) by registering before May 1, 2023 and win a month of daily online practice to prepare with Nadège in June 2023!
By registering online today, you only advance 25% of the total price. The balance will be due before June 30, 2023.
Qigong teachers can have free access to this retreat under certain conditions. Contact Nadège by whatsapp to know them!
(0033 607 6535 65)

I decided today to change my life!

By registering today, I benefit from a reduction offer of 300€ on the retreat and by being among the 1st registered I will have a room with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the sea and the mountains!

In addition, I gain a month of daily online sessions with Nadège (in June 2023) in order to prepare for this retreat!

(Offer valid before May 1, 2023)